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The First ‘Shift Drink VLOG’ with Chef Jo-Jo

Welcome to the Shift Drink VLOG, from Chef Jo-Jo of E.C.O.

The ‘Shift Drink’ is a video blog (VLOG) created and presented by Chef Jo-Jo Doyle of Extreme Culinary Outfitters covering the F&B industry as a whole, what’s new, what’s old, chef life, line life, being a cook, kitchen life, back of house, front of house, serving, presentation, trends, dealing with customers and working together in F&B.

Sometimes you’ll find some ‘foodie’ feeback, rants and raves about trending industry topics, cookbook reviews , plus interviews with other chefs and industry leaders.

Always, we want to hear from you. Comment and join the discussion. We hope you’ll share and communicate with us – and each other.

Our goal is to unite the F&B industry to build bridges, not walls between us.  The kitchen, the front of house and the back of house is all ‘our house’ and ‘our style’, how we live and communicate our lives serving up taste and creativity to others.

Thank you for checking out our first Shift Drink VLOG; below the video are links to the topics discussed! Look for more to come!

Topic One: Tip Banning – What do you think?

Topic Two: One Chef – Only one employee??

Topic Three: 2017 Resolutions – Have you made yours?

Topic Four: Cook Book Review – By Author Sat Baines, “Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian”
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The Who, What, & Why of the ECO Brand

My name is Jo-Jo Doyle and I am a chef. I’ve been cooking for my entire adult life. Not as long as most but, longer than a lot. From front of house to back of house, I’ve done a great deal. I’ve worked the line, had a catering company, opened restaurants and closed restaurants. I’ve worked in bakeries, mom & pops, and 4 star restaurants. I’ve worked for small corporations and big corporations doing some of the largest events in the country and I still love it! I love the good & I love the really, really bad! Most of all, I love that our industry is so bonded. As the founder of Extreme Culinary Outfitters, which is now a completely family-run business, I want to cultivate a platform to help mold and shape the industry that we love so much.

When I first started ECO back in 2010, Read More


Dinner at The English Grill

Last Saturday nMenuight, my wife and I had one of the best culinary experiences of our lives. I know that’s a bold statement because I have had some great times and great meals. This one takes the cake though. It was at The Brown Hotel, at The English Grill in Louisville KY. I had never been to The Brown Hotel before, but let me just say, WOW it is beautiful. It is also famous for the creation of “The Hot Brown” a Louisville original.

Laurent Géroli is the Executive Chef. He and I have known each other for years now. He has always busted my balls to come out and have dinner. I finally took him up on his offer. James Wilfong is the Chef De Cuisine at The English Grill. James and I used to work together a year or so ago. Still to this day James put on one of the best tastings I have ever seen or been a part of. I knew the night was going to be

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