Dinner at the Anvil Club

I recently had the honor and privilege of eating at The Anvil Club in Dundee, IL for the first time. Chef Mike and the Anvil Club represent what we all strive for every day, the pursuit of culinary bliss that blends the old and new.

There is a reason why people love the “classics”, because they freaking kick your taste buds back into a time not too long ago and create a new memory all at the same damn time.  The Anvil Club is a true supper club, you have to be a member or know someone who is in order to dine there.

The first dish of this delectable journey was a tomato and stilton salad with red wine vinaigrette. Hand delivered by the chef of course. As he placed these huge vibrant slices of heaven on the table, he told us he picked them up the day before at the farmers market. I know this sounds passé; maybe I am just jealous that it would take an entire farm to supply me with what I would need to feed the people that come to my venue.  The tomatoes were absolutely fabulous. The entire table was fawning over them like a bunch of school girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Now of course it didn’t just stop there.

When I arrive at a new restaurant or a place that I have always wanted to go I tend to order as much food as the budget will allow. I usually dive right in to several appetizers and maybe share an entree with whoever is eating with me. That way I get the full experience and no bite is missed.
So I ordered the artichoke heart of palm salad, French onion soup, Prime Rib poppers, crab cakes, and was going to share the pan seared scallops with blood orange reduction with a friend. This was the plan and it was going splendidly until Chef Mike brought out the 4# lobster with a pound of muscles, corn and red bliss potatoes. Needless to say I ate more then I should of. I just could not help myself.  Every bite begged you to take another.

Then to top it off the BRANDY ICE (a soft mixture of vanilla ice cream and brandy)…….OMG how good! This was an absolutely perfect dinner. Between the wine, which was a private reserve collection pulled out of the wine locker of my mentor and dear friend who invited me to come by the “supper club” to share in this awesome experience.

Many, hell, almost all of my memories revolve around food or some sort of drink either with family or friends. This dinner was with family for sure. The blend of wine and storytelling was something out of a foreign film. You know where everyone is laughing talking drinking wine and not really giving a damn about anything. It was one of those experiences and dinners that I will remember for the rest of my days.

What an awesome place – the history alone of the building is worth note. I don’t know how many people have a friend that might be a member to the “supper club” all I know is you need to find one and get your ass there for a night to remember for the rest of your life.

Visit their website and check out their whole story if you’d like to know more.


Chef Jo Jo

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