The Who, What, & Why of the ECO Brand

My name is Jo-Jo Doyle and I am a chef. I’ve been cooking for my entire adult life. Not as long as most but, longer than a lot. From front of house to back of house, I’ve done a great deal. I’ve worked the line, had a catering company, opened restaurants and closed restaurants. I’ve worked in bakeries, mom & pops, and 4 star restaurants. I’ve worked for small corporations and big corporations doing some of the largest events in the country and I still love it! I love the good & I love the really, really bad! Most of all, I love that our industry is so bonded. As the founder of Extreme Culinary Outfitters, which is now a completely family-run business, I want to cultivate a platform to help mold and shape the industry that we love so much.

When I first started ECO back in 2010, it was an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone. It was an idea that as an industry, we didn’t have a brand. There was nothing really out there. A few people were putting stuff on t-shirts for chefs and people in the Biz. Yet, nothing I really connected with.

There’s a shift happening. I feel the voice of that shift needs to be heard. Few of us still work for the mom and pops of the industry. A lot of us have worked in corporate structures. No matter how many of us have come and gone, we always feel connected to the industry. This shift I’m talking about is the new and the old. We’ve talked about it often and in different articles at different points. The one thing that we all are as chefs, cooks, servers, bartenders and managers is opinionated! Probably more so than any other sector I’ve ever encountered. So I’ve decided just like Chef Paul, who has written some of the finest articles we’ve ever posted, that you’re going to hear from me more as well.

At Extreme Culinary Outfitters, we are committed to being the brand of the industry. We want to be the brand you put on when you have that rare day off. When you’re going to work, we want to be the shirt that’s under your Chef coat or uniform and the hat that’s on your head. We want to be your brand. We want you to connect with us. We want you to understand that we feel your pain. We have made the same sacrifices to be in this industry. Does that mean you’re going to agree with what we stand for all the time? Hell no!  What we can promise you is that you are going to see more from us moving forward. Not only are you going to see an affordable shirt that’s going to make you laugh, you’re going to see a higher end shirt that you can wear on a date. Soon you’re going to see a cool chef coat and apron as well.

We are going to provide a platform where you can voice your opinion and be heard. Whether or not we agree doesn’t matter because, a separated industry is not a successful one. We’re going to dedicate our time to making sure that the new generation gets to hear from our experiences. Our experiences are true, rough and honest. We’re not going to sugar-coat what we do. We’re also not going to over glorify the fact that we work more than most Industries and get paid less. Things need to change. This will be a place to talk about changing them.

I want you to know that you will see a great deal from ECO and we hope to hear from you! Thank you for your time. Thank you for supporting us for these past 6, going on 7 years. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m humbled to be the founder of such an awesome company. I’m blessed to run this with my wife and family. I could not do this without their support. We hope that ECO will become more than just a cool t-shirt. We aim to be the brand of our industry, our lifestyle. This is our house, this is our house apparel. Front of house or back of house, we all live in the same home!


Chef Jo-Jo Doyle