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The First ‘Shift Drink VLOG’ with Chef Jo-Jo

Welcome to the Shift Drink VLOG, from Chef Jo-Jo of E.C.O.

The ‘Shift Drink’ is a video blog (VLOG) created and presented by Chef Jo-Jo Doyle of Extreme Culinary Outfitters covering the F&B industry as a whole, what’s new, what’s old, chef life, line life, being a cook, kitchen life, back of house, front of house, serving, presentation, trends, dealing with customers and working together in F&B.

Sometimes you’ll find some ‘foodie’ feeback, rants and raves about trending industry topics, cookbook reviews , plus interviews with other chefs and industry leaders.

Always, we want to hear from you. Comment and join the discussion. We hope you’ll share and communicate with us – and each other.

Our goal is to unite the F&B industry to build bridges, not walls between us.  The kitchen, the front of house and the back of house is all ‘our house’ and ‘our style’, how we live and communicate our lives serving up taste and creativity to others.

Thank you for checking out our first Shift Drink VLOG; below the video are links to the topics discussed! Look for more to come!

Topic One: Tip Banning – What do you think?

Topic Two: One Chef – Only one employee??

Topic Three: 2017 Resolutions – Have you made yours?

Topic Four: Cook Book Review – By Author Sat Baines, “Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian”
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